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Who we are?
Simply Kesri .

Since 2017 we have been the point of reference throughout Switzerland for thousands of people in the field of spices, teas and Ayurveda.

Golden Curcuma is the company's flagship product, appreciated for its properties and consumed daily by people who want the best for their body and spirit.

Kesri is a family business active in the branch of gastronomy and the retail trade of spices from all over the world but in particular focuses on typical Indian products, more precisely from the Punjab region.

Our young and dynamic team and our corporate vision focus on providing our customers with top quality products. Our strength is to provide Kesri brand products and consequent knowledge of the territory from which our spices come. This makes our products highly appreciated by our customers and guarantees their full satisfaction.

Kesri was born with the intention of providing and guaranteeing its customers and consumers products of the highest quality, characterized by the traditional flavors and colors that only Punjab can offer.

The products we sell are processed, checked in the laboratory and packaged directly by our most trusted partners.

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